Private Label

Flexible in private label.

Private label

Flexible in private label.

Our knowledge does not stop with professional product development. World of Kebab is proactive in advising on your meat and meat assortment. From the wide range of products we produce for you offer your own private label. We develop before the World of Kebabs' three-step plan:

1: Your specialty meat
Together we choose the products you want and we create a distinctive and unique assortment of what we bring exclusively for you to taste.

2: Choose your taste
Our product developers are passionate about meat and a natural obsession with flavor. For the ultimate resource deserves a wonderful flavor. Therefore, we develop and manufacture our own marinades and seasoning blends. Through innovative and exclusive deal with spices, marinades and sauces you stand with an attractive product range. We offer you unique taste and appearance, with your own formula as a starting point.

3: Choose your package
World of Kebab is very flexible in order units and packaging. We offer a wide variety of possibilities. Our products can be present for example in a sleeve, box or foil bag.